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Matt Barnes

I’m going to be Super Dad.

“I knew that if God blessed me with the opportunity to be a father, that was something I’d go all out at.


Matt Barnes

I was fortunate enough to get fifteen years in the NBA, which everyone says is a dream job … but being a father tops that.
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I’m one of those dads that smothers my kids with love.

We’re always giving hugs and kisses...


The one thing I can say I learned from him is protect your family … at all costs.

Now we’re great it’s I love you all the time. He comes over, we cook, sit down, have drinks, chill out, talk about life…

to me it’s never too late to be a father.

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"I couldn’t control being traded, or cut, or playing and not playing … but I knew that I can be the most amazing dad ever."