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Chris Paul

I have two children of my own,

Little Chris and my daughter Camryn, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world


Chris Paul

It was all about learning respect.

The values I wanted to instill in them was about respect. Respecting your elders and definitely your parents .If you don't respect your parent then you're not going to respect anybody else.

-Charles Paul

When your kids start getting old enough, one of things I've realized is they would know if Mommy and Daddy had an assistant go buy them a toy and bring it by their birthday party...

I think the kids actually want you to be there.

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Seeing them grow up to be men is just wonderful; I watch them all the time. It just really does me good to see them not only as dads, but husbands as well. Marriage is not easy and they seem to be doing real good at it.