The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) invites you to follow #EverydayDad, a PHOTO and video series featuring NBA fathers and their children.

See their stories, share your own, and be inspired.

The #EverydayDad series tells stories about NBA players – from their childhood to their child’s birth – in order to celebrate fathers and fatherhood and provide inspiration for legions of fans to celebrate their own relationships with their dads and their kids. Launched by the NBPA Foundation in 2015, #EverydayDad compiles touching moments of fatherhood throughout our community. Housed here, this series of photos and videos are also distributed across the web to maximize fan engagement. 

Fathering is influenced by culture, which must support and reinforce messages and behaviors that lead to fathers taking active roles in the healthy development of their children. This requires deliberate actions and messages that tell stories of fathers engaging with their children. Almost without exception, the more than 450 men who play in the NBA attribute their success to the family members who sacrificed to get them where they are. For those players who are dads, the emotions run that much deeper. Whether it's after a hard fought loss or a triumphant win we have watched these giants of the hardcourt melt in the warm embrace of their children. We have watched them put down championship trophies to pick up gleeful toddlers. We laughed as they were upstaged in press conferences. We oohed and ahhed as they have posted adorable pictures of newborn babies, family vacations and "firsts" on social media. One after another, they have told us that their kids are the best of who they are. They have also told us that it is when they are with their children that they fully understand and appreciate the love and sacrifice of their fathers and the men that have served in that role. This is why it is our great honor to share these amazing relationships with you.

#EverydayDads are present, engaged, and inspiring men who take an active role in the intellectual, emotional and financial well-being of their children. They provide, protect and support the lives and dreams of their kids.

We hope you enjoy our stories. And share yours.